Needless Alley EP

by Tom Ayrton

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Selected from the recordings of one night of single takes, this EP represents the first fruits of Tom's solo efforts. Imperfect, but perhaps all the better for it, these recordings capture the raw soulful sound of the man wonderfully.

Now released for the first time to buy and keep, we hope you enjoy the warmth and simplicity of these intimate performamces.


released February 17, 2012

All songs written and performed by Tom Ayrton
All songs recorded by Rich Watts
Cover photo by Andrew Meager

This record is dedicated to, and inspired by, the hands and hips that drew these words from my lips. - TCJ Ayrton



all rights reserved


Tom Ayrton Birmingham, UK

Having learned his craft with 'melos, run!', and latterly 'Them Children', Tom's now taking to stage and studio as a solo artist.

Tom is currently recording the 'Kakapo EP' and will be touring in the UK this June.

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Track Name: There's A Little Light
Fell in love with Helen of Troy
But she was just a woman
And I guess that you could say
I was just a boy

She was a vision of my teenage dreams
All short brown hair
Soft white thighs
And baggy jeans

And the thought of her then
And the way she came to my door again
Takes me back to the start
There's a little light
That I hold in my heart

Some folks tell me that i'm crazy
Hanging round this time
Maybe I am, all I know
Is she's my kinda girl
Track Name: The Wolves
Put out your light
Leave open your window and i'll
Climb in from the night
And lay by your side
If you want me to
Darling I would

Throw out our old address books
And make up disguises
We'll lead international lives of crime
If you wanted to
Darling I would

We'll run with the wolves
If we must
We'll ride on the tide
Putting our trust in loving arms
Keep safe from harm our hearts

The world is full of fools
Neglecting their hearts
Child and playing it cool
But that's not who I am
And that's not what I do
Every morning i'm yours
Track Name: Signals
I saw you shine a light
Gently in the dark to see me home
A light flickering for to let your lover know
That should I hold true and fix
My eye on you
You'll not play on me no tricks
Nor be untrue

I heard you call my name
Softly as the pouring rain
Was hammering on my window pane
The edges of your words got washed away
But still I heard that softly spoken word
Of devotion undeterred
And shining like the sun
Track Name: Chief Of My Police
Darling you're the Chief of my Police
And i'll turn my badge over to you
If you ask me to
You can take my pistol too

You're the head of my research institute
And i'll write a paper for you
Experiment the whole night through
I'd do anything that you asked me to

Because, darling I know you're the one that I love
Why don't you?

Darling you're the Captain of my industry
And i'll build a bridge over the rivers flow for ya
If you wanted me to
Darling I would build a bridge for you

Darling you're the Sergeant of my platoon
And you make me swoon
When you whistle that marching tune
There ain't nowhere I wouldn't follow you
Track Name: We Only Come Out At Night
We only come out at night
For the wine and for the whiskey the streetlight
We stumble through the city that we love
Each and every sin given up as offerings
We only come out at night

We don't know nothing but drinking and dancing
And singing our heart out
We celebrate the people that we love
Raise another glass, say a prayer
And hope the memories last
We only come out at night
Track Name: Potholes
Shuffling back up the stairs
Love suddenly scared of
The noises in the kitchen
Nervous hearted loneliness

Isn't it strange how the fear
That the ones we hold dear
Will fly away from us
Preoccupies our minds and bodies

But a picture of love
Took at the train station
Your eyes were enough
Tell me that you're tempted to dance
Tempted to give the foolish man I am
One more chance of love

And now I know that now you know
That I don't need a love that promises a thing
I just want to wake beside you in the morning
A little more often than I do

So put a little hope in your pocket
Tie a little ribbon round your love
If you're in a cage maybe kisses can unlock it
I for one would not find it that strange
If it were the one you love that you need the most
Every other morning with the tea and the toast

Cause we all need a little love
In the summer at night
Need a little love in the morning light my dear

And I need those loving arms
Once in a while
Track Name: That Misplaced Love
Drifting off to sleep
Wondering if you're keeping dreams of me
Darling little dreams of me

And if you are?
Tell me why would making them real go to far
What are you scared of darling?

Folding up my heart
Put it on the shelf before it comes apart in your hands
Don't you know that i'm your man?

So come on and call me up
Tell me that you finally found that misplaced love
Or at least you've been looking
Track Name: If Sunrise Came For The Last Time
Is the love you wanted
Broken down and haunted?
Is it a shipwreck?

Are the things you dreamed about
Burning up, falling down?
Are they derelict?

Have you fallen in the snow?
Are you tired of letting go?

If sunrise came for the last time
Would you be mine?
For just one morning
One afternoon, one night?
If all that we had to live was just another day

Is there something that I should be saying?
Some kind of prayer to make?
Well I don't know
How these things go
Hey ho

If all we have to live is just one day
Could our luck change?
Could our hearts be unchained?

What good would it do to lie?
Darling I think about all of the time

If sunrise came for the last time
Would you be mine?
For just one morning
One afternoon, one night?
If all that we had to live was just another day